Treats Aren't Just For Kids

Halloween is a time when we usually focus on our children or the children around us. Trick or Treating and all the fantastical prankness that comes with this unique holiday offers a lot of fun. But it usually leaves us grown folk behind somehow. I mean sure, we have halloween parties and reasons for drunken festivities but its nice when you see creators make really nice stuff that we can take far beyond the 31st of October.

Sleeping Koala is a new store with a really simple sexy line of clothing and affordable for regular Jane's like me. The owner, amazingly by the same name (SleepingKoala Resident) has some really sexy newness as well as some fun hunt items all in a Halloween theme. All of this is not only festive but a lot of it can be used well past this weekend and well into fall.

On the left is her sexy black lace dress is featured with a amazing skybox in the Boo-for-2 shopping/hunt experience. It is a lot of fun every participating store has a hunt item as well as a special something for you to buy. I love this dress because when you add Miamai's gift spooky boots and Sleeping Koala's Bucket, Bangles and hat you have a cute but simple costume. But this dress will come in handy with the upcoming holiday season as a sexy dress for the parties.

She is also in the Dirty Little Secret Hunt with her super sexy Revealing Lingerie Set. I love this as it is simple and can be worn under actual system clothes (for those of us who actually wear a bra and panties under our clothes). She has included many layers, including tattoo layers to accommodate us modest ladies and it is a great shade of RED, not too bright not too dark. I felt pretty and sexy in these and I know you will too.

So my grown children at heart, I suggest you take a stroll down there and peek at this wonderful store, add a few new things to the ever expanding closets I know all of us ladies have. And have a great Halloween!

The Head-to-Toe of it:

Dress, Hat and Bucket - Sleeping Koala
Hair -Exile Iona for the Dressing Room Blue (Sable Color)
Skin-Glam Affair - Amelie Tan - Silent night
Eyes -Plastik-Haunt Collection-Lyahra
Shoes-Miamai Group Gift October Hiatus Boots in Spooky tone

Red Lady-
Lingerie, Hat & Apple Barrel - Sleeping Koala
Hair-Glam Affair Nero Hunt Hair Piece 1
Skin-Glam Affair Sakura Dressing Room Red Lip Skin
Shoes-GOS Platform Pumps in Just Black
Jewelry-Paper Couture Crystal Chandelier Earrings and Crystal Coin Necklace