25 Songs of Christmas - Day 1 (A Song from my Childhood)

The other night dear
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I awoke, dear
I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away


So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never loose
And Frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

My mommy told me something
That little girls should know
It's all about the devil
And I've learned to hate him so
I know he'll be unhappy
?Cause I'll never wear a frown
Maybe if we keep on smiling
He'll get tired of hangin' round

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Interesting Day is Interesting

  Today started off kinda bad, then kinda good.... but ended AMAZING.

  So someone done switched the world's AC on over the Phoenix area and it has been damn cold lately (well, for us anyway). So I didn't sleep terribly well and so when I had to drag myself up to get my daughter off to school, well... I looked like death. It wasn't pretty and hense, today was a take your kid to school in pajamas day.

  I get her dropped off and stop on the way home at the convenience store on the corner here by my house and walk in, get the largest cup they sold coffee in and fill that puppy up. Cream? Don't mind if I do, oh yes and 3 sugars, thank you very much. So I go pay for my coffee, well attempt to anyway because when I open my wallet, my card is gone. Not amused. So I look at the lady and ask if I can run to my car to see if I have $1.74 in change. I go look in the little thing I keep change in, $0.60. I hang my head and walk back into the store and begin to explain to the lady I am sorry she can dump the coffee, I don't have enough for the coffee. I, am absolutely mortified.

  Out of the corner of my eye a $20.00 bill floats by and a male voice behind me says "It's ok I will buy this cup for her". Now mind you, I look like I am about to cry, I am exhausted oh and did I mention I am in slippers, penguin pajama pants, a t shirt and a sweater with my hair in a cute bun? Yeah I'm hot right? So I turn around and just stare and kind of mumble that it's OK he doesn't have to, then rests his hand on my back and says "God bless you miss" and just walks out the door. It was hands down the best cup of coffee I ever had, and was so nice to know that there are still good people in this world.

  So you would think thats it right? You are like "Wow, that Brie is easy to please!" Umm, no. So about 6 months ago, my "husband" (and I use this term loosely as we were only cohabitating for 10 and a half months and NEVER once slept together) finally after almost 4 years of me whining, filed for divorce. So I am like, "Let me hit this ass up and see if this is done yet because I haven't received anything in the mail". I text him and he tries to convince me it was final last week and I should hear something any day, blah.. blah.. blah. I don't believe him, I mean there's a reason we aren't married, right?

  So I call up the old Google and start looking, calling, pestering... finally get the self-help legal aid center at the courthouse our divorce was filed at and this super sweet older sounding lady who had an adorable accent and kinda broken English. I begin my speech with "My unfortunate husband filed for divorce (and here the lady starts cracking up) about 6 months ago, I was wondering if you could direct me who to call to find out if it is final or not." I proceed with "You see, I moved to Phoenix 4 years ago and have well on moved on with my life. I would really like to continue it without being attached to him in any way."

  So she asks if I know the case number, which I dont. But then she asks my name and looks it up that way and I could almost hear her smile when she says "Well, Ms. Pitta, your divorce was final today as a matter of fact." I then kinda yelled a little (sorry lady send me the bill for your new hearing aid) and told her I loved her dearly and she is still laughing at this point. She chokes out the case number and tells me I will have a letter from the court soon, congratulates me and tells me to have a great day.

  Oh, my goodness I am on a cloud, I am so happy to have that part of my life over with. I really am glad things seem to be ending in 2012 better than they started that's for sure. Now just to get through the dreaded holidays and onto a new year and new beginnings.

  I hope your Tuesday was just as eventful.


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Trying to Love the Holidays

Hey there!

  Well, the week is almost over and I am being forced to face something I am really never been a huge fan of, "The Holidays". I know, you are grasping your proverbial pearls and gasping at me but hear me out OK? I have a really good reason for absolutely dreading this time of the year and it has absolutely nothing to do with consumerism or any of that nonsense, hell I'm human, give me stuff I smile.

  I have parents, they are still alive and kicking far as I know, but I haven't talked to them in a really long time and that is really a good thing. My parents split up when I was just over a year old, my dad was cheating on my mom (with my now stepmother) and so she took me and left. I'm not sure what that did to her, I've been divorced twice and well I didn't take the road she did. My mom got hard into drugs and drinking after that and it didn't make her a very nice person. She remarried to a real pervert, I wont sicken you with those details but lets just say the 2 of them really did a number on my psyche.

  When I was 9, my mom dropped me of about a mile from my dad's place and told me to go find him, I only saw her once since then and I am now 37. My dad and his new wife-former-mistress had a new son by then and well I just didn't fit into their shiny new family. I spent a huge amount of time with my grandma when she wasn't at work painting houses and I ran away a lot because well, would you want to be somewhere that you knew you weren't wanted? I didn't think so.

  By the time I was 11 the state took over and I was put in "The System"... yes that creepy foster care system which wasn't all that bad for me. I totally respect I was one of the lucky ones and was put somewhere with people who really cared and wanted what was best for me. I lived that way for about 4 years then I had to go back to my dad and his wife. Things hadnt changed much and yeah life for me kinda got interesting after that. I experimented with drugs and ran away a lot but hey I can look back now and say I did a lot of growing up in that time.

  I will say that I never had really amazing Christmases growing up, everyone kind of went through the motions because it was what was expected. We were nice to each other for like 3 days and then it was back to the norm. So by the time I got married and had my own family, Christmas was kind of something I really began to dread. I will say this, I have always made a huge effort for my children because I want them to know the joy of it that other kids just have. But in my heart it is something I wish I could just sleep through.

  Last year my daughter learned the ugly truth about Santa, as we all do at some point and so Christmas is again changing in our lives. I am really trying this year to be more excited about it, but it is hard with my grandmother gone. We no longer have family, she was all we had anymore for the most part. I feel like I failed her because I just couldn't suck it up and deal with my parents for her sake. Someday I hope she understands more there is just no place in our life for people who are so broken like they are.

  I have no idea why I am telling you all this other than I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Maybe some of you have ideas on how I can just try to feel more in the spirit, or hell maybe you are without family and want to adopt us LOL. Either way I am feeling better just writing it out even if no one ever reads this, its like setting it free. Ive done that a lot this year perhaps this is the last bit I need to let go of and truly be OK with life. Either way I hope you are looking forward to the season of together, of cookies and of love... it is truly what makes this time of year magical.


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I Love Being an American

Well what a full day today!

  I live in Phoenix, Arizona and so I have the honor and privilege of being able to vote in elections. It is something I have taken great pride in since I first got to vote for President Clinton when I turned 18 It was something I was still so grateful for the right to do to this very day. I always had such regard for the progress because I knew what people did for me to have that right but also that there are places that people have no say in how their home exists. I always found that to be so disappointing because I believe as people we have the right to have a say and shape the world around us. But progress takes time, I hope I live to see every corner of the world with that right.

  I also had the joy of taking my soon-to-be husband to vote for the first time. When I moved here from San Francisco 4 years ago, just before the last Presidential election, he had no desire to vote. He took the "my vote doesnt count" stance. I explained that we all have a voice and you never know if your 1 vote is the difference between something amazing changing or something terrible happening. He was so proud when he came out with his little I VOTED sticker, it was kind of adorable.

  In the end I sat here terrified as the polls came in and for a while it looked like my world as I knew it would change dramatically. It was a frightening prospect but in the end, we get 4 more years with President Obama and I have a sincere feeling and a deep hope that things in 4 years will be significantly better than they are today.

  Whether you voted for him or not I hope that you do all you can to shape the world around you. The decision is made, this is how it is but you and you alone can choose what to do with that. You can sulk and be angry that Govenor Romney is not in the white house... or you can get out there and try to do whatever you can to help things get better. Truly it is what makes us an amazing country and we should be an example to the rest of the world. We are a united country who does what they can for their fellow man (or woman). As I go get ready to crawl into bed, I am proud another state is allowing same-sex marriage, that there is a openly gay person in the senate and yes, that President Obama has 4 more years as leader of this amazing country.

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite :)

The Greatest Gift

Well happy Monday to you!

  Today's lesson is one in forgiveness. Hey, we are all human (yes, even you over there) and we all make mistakes. I know, some are bigger than others and it just seems like you will never get to a place you can even look at that person again but hey, you so can. It takes a leap of faith which is hard for us people types but it is totally doable.

  I have had a downright retched year, I lost 2 really important people in my family's life and when that happened everyone but my fiance and my child turned their back on me. I was left with no support which even now when I think about it makes me really sad. I dont expect much from those around me so when I was left to grieve with little support it was really hard and left me feeling a little bitter. And then when I thought things could not even get worse, I had to deal with the SL Dramas and the Trolls there who basically bullied me out of the grid for a while.

  But in that time I did some healing, a lot of crying and most importantly I forgave them. Because they are human and some people were misled, others are just sheep... blindly following the popular crowd. Mainly people act they way they do usually out of some sort of fear, and that is something we have all felt at some time.

  I was left with 2 choices, I could A) Stoop to their level and be just as hateful and angry as I could muster or B) Forgive them and just move on with my life and live it the best way I possibly could. I chose B, I chose to let it go, life is just too short to hang on to things like this. If you carry all that hurt and anger around it becomes a huge weight on you. Have you ever seen a depressed person standing straight and tall? No, and you know why? Because all that sadness and anger and hurt, it is weighing them down. I chose to leave it on the side of the road of life and keep going.

  When you take that road you will find you are more content with your life and those who have hurt you in the past do not hold that power over you any longer. I am more content with my real life and second life since I took this path of forgiveness. Its not perfect but in the end, I can only control myself and my own actions. And when worst comes to worst you remember Karma, it works for the good as well as the bad. I put the positive out there and wait for good things to come my way.

Have a great night kids!

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I Can't Wait 'till Wednesday...

Hey there me again,
  I'm really liking this letter writing format for my blog. I hope you are enjoying it, if not there are about a billion others out there... sure you will find one that suits you. It is the internet they have billions of things to suit every walk of life it seems. My husband tells me if you think it up chances are there is a website out there and it's probably porn. He is a special snowflake and he tends to think in the gutter a lot.
  So today's rant is in lieu of this weeks United State Elections. I seriously voted almost a month ago and I can not wait for it to be over. I would like to think I am a logical, intellegent woman but some of the "debating" I get into with others, I am wondering where they get their information from. It is downright sad and scary. I am all for debating though, I think it is a fabulous way to learn something and hey maybe you get a new point of view on a subject and that is always I think very enlightening. Plus it is a great way to get to know how someone ticks, their life has given them their most fundamental of beliefs so you really can learn a lot about someone just from the give and take of debating any given topic.
  With the Presidential nonsense going on it has brought a lot of hot button topics out onto the surface. I have engaged in many many exchanges with people with some very different views from mine. I have been yelled at, agreed with and been told I am downright wrong. I find it interesting when I am told the latter because frankly, having a opinion about something is rarely "wrong". I mean unless you think drowning kittens is OK, then I'm sorry, you are so so wrong. And you may need therapy, just saying.
  But in the end, arguing over opinions is about as ridiculous as my beautiful portrait up there. It is a total "moot" point, it has no value so you should just learn to respect that the other person is entitled to theirs and either debate it out or hush. Because you could get in a seriously heated argument with a complete stranger over anything and come out of it learning something new. BUT, if you are too busy being right you may miss something incredibly valuable you never knew, and then you are truly the one who misses out.
  And so my fellow Americans, embrace our freedom of free speech and choice and OPINION. In many countries you could be jailed or executed for any of these things. We are sincerely blessed and special to be free and able to have these rights, cherish them and give your neighbors the same respect because it is just the right thing to do. Whether you vote or not that is up to you but be glad you live here because so many people brave many dangers just for the chance to walk on this soil. And if all else fails, don a tutu, helmet and sparkley wand and run naked (or almost naked) through your neighborhood. In other words, dont take stuff so serious :)


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Gossip - It's Not Playing "Telephone"

Gossip -n. [gos-uh p]
1. Idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.
2. Light, familiar talk or writing.
3. Also, gos-sip-per or gos-sip-er, a person given to tattling or idle talk.
4. Also called a GOSSIPMONGER, a person who habitually talks about others, especially maliciously.

  Enough of the english lesson for today, this is something I find so irritating I had to make a little post of it. I have seen thousands of times when people are gossiping (and yes, it is gossiping people) and things get misdirected in the translation. Its like when you were a kid, did you ever play Telephone? Well for those who didnt it is usually a group of kids, kid 1 starts by whispering to kid 2 and so on... by the time it gets to the end the last person says whatever they heard aloud. Guess what people, its rarely ever what person 1 said.

  It is just like that with a gossip. People arent perfect and they are guilty of exaggerating, omitting and outright lying at times. In the end, having the persons "best interest" at heart isnt always the case and sometimes, mistakes get made. With social media out there now this gets even more mucky. You see vagueness in facebook and plurk posts (twitter too!) and people end up assuming, misunderstandings are made and then that best interest... well its out the window with maybe your friendship.

  In the end you should always wonder if you are doing the right thing. If you have a problem with Suzie, tell her... not Rebecca and Mary cause chances are they may tell someone and then they do and so on. And by the time Suzie hears she may think you hate her guts when you maybe just didnt like her telling you your ass looked fat in those jeans. Its just something I notice, I have seen it a lot when I was on hiadus and have seen it so much with real life friends and SL friends alike.

  I think the moral of this story is to always be upfront and honest with those around you. They may not always like what you say but they can trust your word either way, because they know you arent a gossip or someone who talks behind others backs. I personally live by this rule, it has hurt people I love in the past but those who know me know I am a very straight forward and honest individual. It is something I truly take pride in and I hope that it is a something you can adapt if you are leary of confrontation.