Putting Shoppers in the Spirit... of "Horny"ness

Well hello stranger, long time no blog!

  I am sorry I have been an absolute horrid friend, I have been busy busy building and not taking awesome time to make pictures or write you my very public letters. I hope your holidays have been kind so far, we are almost to the half way point so hold on tight! I was personally a bit disappointed the Zombie Apocalypse didnt come today, I had my lawn mower all gassed up and ready to go... oh well now my other half can mow the lawn :)

  I dont know if you have been paying attention but there are some truly wonderful holiday offerings out and about on the grid lately! First is this amazing and very unique manly christmas tree found at a simply amazing event called "The Men's Department" Cheeky Pea makes this amazing antler tree, the candles that are the "ornaments" are color change, its really quite stunning.  Then lets see, my simply stunning rack (and I mean the antlers, head out of the gutter please) is part of the 12 days of Christmas from Aux which my god they make such coolness, the skin is also Aux for the 12 days and you can go down and grab them up until Christmas (or the day after maybe, crossing fingers). My super cute outfit is part of a Christmas gift from The Secret Store which I love her stuff, its just a little funky without just being weird. And I needed shoes so this month's lap of the Collabor88 had these cute combat boots from Monso and I had my Maxi Gossamer cats eye glasses so I shoved those on. I think I look festive, which is a stretch for me because to be honest I am just not feeling terribly merry and bright these days.

  So anyway, break out the nog, make sure all your gifts are wrapped and I will meet you at my cat adorned Christmas tree (Its frightening, really... they claimed my tree). I will be the gal poking my neighbor with her cute antlers and knocking back drinks. I truly hope that you and yours enjoy a joyous season, whether you are recovering from a beautiful Hanukkah or getting ready for Christmas or Kwanza. The last few days of 2012 are ticking by all too fast and I for one am pretty excited about what 2013 has in store for me and my loved ones.

Happy Holidays !


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