This is What Happy Looks Like

  For the first time in a long while I can honestly say I am truly happy. Things seem to be getting more positive and though life is still not where I want it to be, I can see it is on its way to getting there. Many dont know but I am actually married, and not to my SL partner. I havent been with him for over 4 years but he kind of has been dragging his feet giving me a divorce. Well, that is final next month (throws confetti and does the happy dance). So now my SL partner who is my RL boyfriend can start sorting out how our life is going to play out together. This comes as a relief to not only me, but my daughter... we are both really glad to put that part of our life behind us and focus on what is to come.
  My SL has been on a upswing as well. I have been trying to come out of hiding and be with the people around me more. It is difficult, I got used to being alone for so long the thought of having friends and being social is a bit frightening. But I have reconnected with many people who I lost while my life was falling apart. We have had long talks, forgiveness flowed... it was amazing. And it has done wonders for my overall happiness and how content I am when I log on.
  I have been adopted too! A very old, very amazing friend decided that she needed to be my family. After losing so much of that this year, my God it makes me feel like I am on cloud 9!! Its like that little piece of your heart you didnt know was missing? Yep thats my PandaMomma, Minx. And with her came a slew of new and old friends now family. My heart, I swear it is so full it is like it is going to burst.
  And so with all this amazingness in my life I have a renewed desire to build and make things for people. I really thing what I am putting out there now shows how much I want to share how this feels with people around me. I really want to share how great it is to just BE HAPPY. I think in a time where things are just a little harder for all of us, we forget how the little, the simple things can bring us such unparalleled joy. And how just having a few really quality people in your life can truly make all of the difference in your life.
  So anyway I just wanted to share that with everyone. Not for any particular reason but just that I really hope this feeling is infectious and perhaps reading this you are now smiling a little. If you are, I am glad... it looks good on you.



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