My Name is Brie, I am a Bacon Addict.

  I can remember the first time I had a piece of really good bacon. I was about 7, I was staying with my grandma for the weekend as I did most weekends. But this weekend she thought I was finally grown up enough to have a "big person's" breakfast. So she had me lay under a blanket on the couch and watch cartoons while she got down to work.
  The sounds of Scooby and Shaggy were suddenly overpowered by the sizzling and amazing smell coming from the kitchen. My grandma brought out her ridiculously old cast iron skillet and began frying up bacon. I am sure I had some before then, but somehow that day it smelled so much better. She made us a few pieces each and fried up 2 eggs (1 for me, 1 for her) and made us each some toast. She topped it off with a cup of "coffee", which was basically coffee flavored warm milk but I thought it was the real thing. She then put it all on a little tray and brought it to me on the couch. And there we sat, with our big persons breakfast, watching Scooby Doo. It was a perfect way to start a day.
  Many, many years later, she was much older and I was well, older too. I was a mother and I lived with her now. She wasnt as healthy as she used to be and I was there to take care of her. My daughter was 4 and I was just getting out of the shower when down the hall I hear my grandmother telling my daughter... "Now Sammi, I think you are a big girl now, how about Nano makes you a big person's breakfast".
  I smile now when I think about it, she passed away this past March, she was hands down the best friend I ever had in my life. She taught me to live simply, to love deeply and to cherish each moment you have. She also taught me to love bacon, which I torment all my friends and pseudo-family with to this day. My daughter loves it too, and her "big person" breakfasts that we have, sitting on the couch just like she did with me. Except now instead of Scooby doo, we are watching Ruby Gloom or Monster High or whatever is cool to Sammi that week.
  So hi, my name is Brie.... I am a bacon addict :)

What I am wearing from head, to toe:

Hair: [e] Locked - Red 08
Skin: Glam Affair - Ginny - Europa - 02 Red HB
Bathing Suit: Pig - Bacon Wrap
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Glasses: Miamai_Rita Ivory Sunglasses
Necklace: BaCoN ~ Plate O' Happy Necklace
Nails: Synthetique Ultimate French Series -01-


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