Blogger Challenge - My Senior Photo

I was rummaging through some old photographs and came across my senior picture, I thought I would put it up here as part of Divine Pattern's Blogger Challenge. Id be curious to see yours too! Blog your pictures and then put a link to it in the comments for this post! Oh, and just so you can have a giggle here was real me my senior year in high school:

I certainly was adorable and young! Anyway back to sorting photos! Cant wait to see yours....

The Head-to-Toe of it:
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - gold flakes - olivine
Skin: al vulo!- Polly*  natural teeth porcelain
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dragon Mesh Hair - FEM - Gingerbread
Eyelashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Delicate 03
Necklace: [boxed]ruchica 3Rings necklace-dia-
Fluffy fur stole: Montagne Noire - Etole de Renard - arctic fox fur stole (tinted peach)


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