The Greatest Gift

Well happy Monday to you!

  Today's lesson is one in forgiveness. Hey, we are all human (yes, even you over there) and we all make mistakes. I know, some are bigger than others and it just seems like you will never get to a place you can even look at that person again but hey, you so can. It takes a leap of faith which is hard for us people types but it is totally doable.

  I have had a downright retched year, I lost 2 really important people in my family's life and when that happened everyone but my fiance and my child turned their back on me. I was left with no support which even now when I think about it makes me really sad. I dont expect much from those around me so when I was left to grieve with little support it was really hard and left me feeling a little bitter. And then when I thought things could not even get worse, I had to deal with the SL Dramas and the Trolls there who basically bullied me out of the grid for a while.

  But in that time I did some healing, a lot of crying and most importantly I forgave them. Because they are human and some people were misled, others are just sheep... blindly following the popular crowd. Mainly people act they way they do usually out of some sort of fear, and that is something we have all felt at some time.

  I was left with 2 choices, I could A) Stoop to their level and be just as hateful and angry as I could muster or B) Forgive them and just move on with my life and live it the best way I possibly could. I chose B, I chose to let it go, life is just too short to hang on to things like this. If you carry all that hurt and anger around it becomes a huge weight on you. Have you ever seen a depressed person standing straight and tall? No, and you know why? Because all that sadness and anger and hurt, it is weighing them down. I chose to leave it on the side of the road of life and keep going.

  When you take that road you will find you are more content with your life and those who have hurt you in the past do not hold that power over you any longer. I am more content with my real life and second life since I took this path of forgiveness. Its not perfect but in the end, I can only control myself and my own actions. And when worst comes to worst you remember Karma, it works for the good as well as the bad. I put the positive out there and wait for good things to come my way.

Have a great night kids!

My super cute outfit:

Pose is Je t'aime 5m by Adorkable Poses (Cause she rocks and has good turkey recipes)
Skin: Essences - Heidy Base Skin
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair - Rouge
Dress: (CM) Woolsworth Dress MESH (argyle/black)
Tights: DeeTaleZ tights cotton pantyhose black
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Selene boots black
Nails: Synthetique Ultimate French Series -01-
Tattoo: - DAMNED - Neck Tattoo "I Love you"


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