I Love Being an American

Well what a full day today!

  I live in Phoenix, Arizona and so I have the honor and privilege of being able to vote in elections. It is something I have taken great pride in since I first got to vote for President Clinton when I turned 18 It was something I was still so grateful for the right to do to this very day. I always had such regard for the progress because I knew what people did for me to have that right but also that there are places that people have no say in how their home exists. I always found that to be so disappointing because I believe as people we have the right to have a say and shape the world around us. But progress takes time, I hope I live to see every corner of the world with that right.

  I also had the joy of taking my soon-to-be husband to vote for the first time. When I moved here from San Francisco 4 years ago, just before the last Presidential election, he had no desire to vote. He took the "my vote doesnt count" stance. I explained that we all have a voice and you never know if your 1 vote is the difference between something amazing changing or something terrible happening. He was so proud when he came out with his little I VOTED sticker, it was kind of adorable.

  In the end I sat here terrified as the polls came in and for a while it looked like my world as I knew it would change dramatically. It was a frightening prospect but in the end, we get 4 more years with President Obama and I have a sincere feeling and a deep hope that things in 4 years will be significantly better than they are today.

  Whether you voted for him or not I hope that you do all you can to shape the world around you. The decision is made, this is how it is but you and you alone can choose what to do with that. You can sulk and be angry that Govenor Romney is not in the white house... or you can get out there and try to do whatever you can to help things get better. Truly it is what makes us an amazing country and we should be an example to the rest of the world. We are a united country who does what they can for their fellow man (or woman). As I go get ready to crawl into bed, I am proud another state is allowing same-sex marriage, that there is a openly gay person in the senate and yes, that President Obama has 4 more years as leader of this amazing country.

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite :)


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