When You Miss Someone

Happy Monday Kids!
  So Ive been missing my Narabean like terribly lately. She fell the other day and her little ginger coconut is all having to take a break from all the complications that are the computer. Concussions are not fun kids, watch yourself and dont hit your head when you fall, ok? But most people dont know Nara has been my sl daughter for the majority of the last 2 years... things have been interesting and we had to take some breaks along the way to grow and reflect. But like that stray cat you feed.... we always come back together. I will say I have kind of adopted her in my real life, she is truly a part of my family.
  So I have been a little lost without my building buddy for the last bit of days. We could just sit and draw from one anothers creativity, its just something I am incredibly used to and so I am missing my little girl. So today I channeled my inner Naraelina.... and came out looking like someone who works for the geek squad at Best Buy. But, I kinda like it I feel very smart and stuff:)
  Anyway that is all for today just wanted to share my geeky look with the world so here you go!


(You too can look like an employee of Best Buy's Geek Squad!)

Skin: Essences - Monday skin - Untouched - brown
Hair: ::Exile:: Sexy Action News:Sunset
Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver2
Shirt: [Pumpkin]The cardigan(white)
Pants: :[strip'd]: Slacks [Black]
Shoes: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots
Pocket Protector: [croire] pocket protector


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