Adventures with Fake Nara - Night 1

Hello boys and girls!
  It's Saturday and for many kids and some adults in the family oriented community today marked the first day of Winter Camp at Camp Hardknock, ran by Jill and Gattz Gilman. This is a exciting time for the kids of Second Life, since there is only a certain number of slots available, sadly not all kids can go experience this but for those who are lucky enough to have the chance, I have been told it is amazing.
  Sadly, for parents like myself, 2 of my munchkins are going off to camp this round... My tiny Alexis and my Narabean. I got the opportunity to take Nara to the train station and see her off this afternoon which made me a little sad. I get a bit of parental separation anxiety from my kids when I have to see them go away... I already miss my girls big.
  Nara's friend Tristan gave me this cut out picture of Nara and so I decided for a week, I will take my fake Nara on some adventures, see what kind of mischief I can make. But for tonight I am tired, been sniffling part of my day away and missing not only my Nara but the other great kids I have grown to love in my time serving the Children of Second Life.
  Have a great Sunday and Kids I hope you have a great time at Camp. Make new friends, try something you never did before and make the most of this unique experience Jill and Gattz have worked so incredibly hard to create for you. I can't wait to read your letters and see your pictures.



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