A Letter to My Favorite Campers

Hello Princes and Princesses!
  I hope you all made it to camp safe and you had an exciting trip. Riding a train is big fun, I rode half way across the country once, best trip of my entire life. I wish I could have been tiny and enjoyed this experience with you but unfortunately I am all grown up and so at home I stay and be responsible and WORK (insert dramatic sigh here).
  I hope you take this experience and make it the best you can, you have an amazing opportunity to relive a part of childhood that not everyone got to experience the first time around. Take some risks, talk to that shy kid who keeps to themselves... MAKE NEW FRIENDS! You will never get the opportunity to relive this moment again so get out there and make the best of it!
  For those who are starting to really miss your parents, know that they miss you and love you so much but they are happy you are getting to enjoy something truly unique in Second Life. Make sure to take lots of pictures, write lots of letters and let your families know you are having a great time!

  I miss my girls dearly but I hope they are having the time of their lives. I love you all and can't wait to see your little faces in a week!



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