Adventures with Fake Nara - Day 2 (Skysurfing)

OK so one more post before I go to real life sleep (Because I was inspired)
   So today, I took fake Nara and fastened her securely to my belt and started off to the local airfield. I had a plan, today we skysurf. The guy behind the counter looked at me like I lost my mind when I said my daughter and I wanted to go up for a run but he slowly wandered off toward the plane and our first real adventure begins.
  Now, I am scared to death of heights so as the assistant pulls the doors open I get the sudden feeling I am going to toss my cookies but I remember to be brave, take a deep breath, close my eyes....  And then the assistant bumps me on accident and out the doors we fly.
  We are going a kajillion miles an hour and I am screaming, fake you is showing her trusty peace sign and smile... its just too much to bear. Somewhere between the plane and the ground I lost my awesome helmet.... so unfair I loved that thing. Fake Nara though, had a blast, we surfed the air like pro's, well I think we did. I was still clenching my eyes closed and screaming for Jesus all the way down. I probably looked like a drunk all over the place but it was quite the experience.
  When we landed, I kind of squished you in a mud puddle. Thank goodness she is copyable so I can just pull a fresh Nara out for my next adventure.

  I'm thinking something with Animals.....

Have a great night!


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