Adventures with Fake Nara - Day 3 (The Safari)

  So this day began with Fake Nara begging me to go to the Safari and see the big cats. I figure, it's paper what could POSSIBLY HAPPEN? I should have stayed in bed and told my cardboard child to go make herself into origami but no, I drag myself out of bed, get my camera and binoculars and off we go.
  Who knew lions were so majestic? I mean from a distance or on TV sure, but right up close yeah they are pretty epic. I should have kept a better eye on my artificial child though, Mufasa there decided she looked tasty and well, lets just say I need to run to the store for some tape... and markers.... and yeah I fail. But it was a really fun field trip all the same, even if Fake Nara weighs a little less now.
  I hope all the kids are having this much fun at Camp. I wonder what would happen to my cutout child in the water..... Well thats another adventure for tomorrow, and after the glue dries.



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