Well this week is almost over, I am kind of glad to be honest.

This blog entry is for the writer of the secrets, the nasty anonymous plurks and my former Daughter, Nara. I want you to take your bow and bask in the knowledge you broke a persons spirit. I logged on a game hoping to meet new people, make some friends, have a few laughs. I got more, some I cherish, some I would rather go without. Your special brand of hate is one thing I can do without. So I have chosen to take a break from Second Life for a while, maybe permanently not sure. But I know I can not be in there right now as much as I try.

I think what cinched it all for me is knowing that the person I actually spent my last 20 dollars on to make sure they had food to eat and had gifted a brand new pair of headphones actually was using them to sit on skype and run me down to other people. It really just made it crystal clear the last 2 years and all those memories I had with you were a complete and utter lie. I can not understand how someone can stand and tell you they love you and then steamroll you over just because god forbid you hit a rough patch in life. But here I am, I lost the illusion of another child. I already buried one, had 2 taken but hey, what's one more right?

I am not going to let you keep me broken forever. I am going to take some time and put the pieces back together as best I can and then I will be even better than I was before I met you, before I allowed a pixel creation to make me care so much. I am going to give my time and love more sparingly, to those I feel truly deserve it. You taught me this, whoever you are out there. So I guess thanks in advance, I am a work in progress but I have faith that the next version of me is going to be stellar while you will be the same embittered, sad, fake person you are today.

Take care and for those who even care Im going, you know how to find me :)


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