Ohana Means Family

They say when God closes a door, he opens a window. I never really understood that meaning fully until today. I just completed one of the best days I have had in Second Life in a very long time. In the middle of one of the hardest times Ive had in a really long time, some Amazing people picked me up, dusted me off and showed me how genuine people in Second Life can truly be.

Family is one of those special bonds you have with people. Its not something by blood or birth, its grown in your heart. I have found so many people in SL, but I have also found my family. I have a core group of people who not only do not judge and put me down, they support me and most importantly, they love me just like I am. Unconditional love is not something I am terribly used to from other people but today, I really felt it from the people around me.

I havent stopped smiling yet as I am wearing my goofy floppy hat and dancing around with these amazing people feeling so incredibly blessed to have met them and to share these random, phenomenal moments with them. I am still broken and my heart still hurts deeply, but I know with these kind special souls in my life things are going to get better and for that, I have hope.

Have a great weekend!


Nobl Styles said...

We Love You Brie Sweets!!! dont forget that !!!

Brie Pinazzo said...

I love you too!

Alumnia said...

Kisses from Sissy Mia:)

Brie Pinazzo said...

I keep missing you online it makes me sad I need to just give you giant hugs!

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