Today's "Word Of The Day" : HOPE

hope - [hohp] 


1.the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best: to give up hope.
Well its finally Friday kids! 
  I will be leaving sunday for my daughter's first ever family vacation with the boyface and myself. I am pretty excited we are going to Disneyland for a few days. I know, dont miss me too much ok? I need a little time to step away from the computer and get some clarity, redefine what it is I want from life and well, to run around like a child and watch my daughter experience something amazing for the first time. 
  I had over the past month and some lost hope in people in general. I mean I have my awesome shining stars that are my close family and friends but as a whole, people just suck.  Its the mentality I have seen all my life, my mom used to beat the tar out of me, I know the neighbors heard me scream but no one did anything. Its the same in adulthood and with how we treat eachother on the internet. Most people think its not their business and so they dont need to do anything. I am sorry but it is our responsibility to take care of one another, the simple act of a hug does amazing things, can you only imagine how little leverage bullies would have if we just didnt stand for it?
  For a long time I didnt think people were really capiable of stepping outside themself and standing up for someone else unless it was to foster the errant drama or just make a huge mess. But lately I have seen people, people close to me and on plurk reaching out to give a kind word, a pixel hug... just to instill some good in the world around them. It gives me hope that the human race isnt lost after all and that people really have the potential to make a difference in eachothers lives, even if it is only on the internet.
  I sincerely hope the random acts of kindness and the genuinely good words and deeds spreads, that people pay it forward and give someone a reason to smile and to make others smile with them. My 38th birthday is monday and I will be enjoying a fleeting moment in my own real life childs life, but what I want for my birthday is for each person who is reading this, to do one nice thing for a random stranger. Be it on Second Life, Plurk or the real world. Do me a favor and tell me about it in the comments here. Do this deed and make sure to tell that person all you ask in return is that they pay it forward, that they do something good for someone random. Who knows, that persons life you touch you may be saving from committing suicide, helping brush away the clouds of depression or making a broken heart mend that much faster. We are all in control of our own destiny, take hold of yours and do something amazing with it.

Have a great weekend, Ill try to write tomorrow if not, well Ill see you late in the week.



Nobl Styles said...

Sweet daughter Brie Brie,

Very beautiful said you are right.
We all have to give more love to ppl and ppl to us because that is slipping away in this world.
Thats why we give all the love care and happiness we have to all of you in our beautiful lovely virtual family. We love you at to BITS!!!!!
Have a beautiful holiday you and Sammi and your boyface. Because you deserve that!!! but please be carefull on the trip because we all cant miss you in our lives !!!

Big hugs and love,

your virtual mom and dad


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